If you have a computer that is giving you trouble, either infected beyond repair or a corrupt operating system, then this may be for you. We call it the “system wipe special”. It takes a whole day to do, but only costs the equivalent of three hours of labor. And, your computer will come back to you, running better than it ever did, with all of your programs and data intact!

It includes:
Saving all user data from the hard drive (Docs, pix, music, email, address book, favorites, etc.)
Deleting and re-creating the partition on the hard drive (new hard drive would be extra)
Formatting the partition and preparing for use
Reinstalling your Windows operating system
Downloading and configuring all updated hardware drivers from manufacturers web site
Updating the operating system with all patches and latest browsers
Installing and configuring all of your applications and programs including your email
Installing our special group of user utilities
Putting all your user data back in place
Complete testing for proper operation

(Side Note)
Before going through this, it makes sense to have a discussion with us, as to whether or not your computer is worth investing this much time/money in. Yes, it can make a world of difference, but, if your machine has just seen better days, then it might not make sense to invest this much money in a machine that you are better off walking away from. Give us a call, to find out which way might be the best way to go. The consultation is free.