Welcome to the Computer-EZ, Inc. World Wide Web site!

If you found us, by looking for computer and network sales and/or support in the Rutland County, Vermont area, then congratulations, you have found true excellence. Excellence because we provide tremendous amounts of value, and are willing to take the time needed to help with whatever your situation is.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best in computer and network related products and support to the local region. Networking, security, point-of-sale systems, and everything that goes with it, is what we provide for you with over 23 years experience in the computer industry.

Where the name came from – My experience in helping people with their computers for a few years, while I was doing it as a hobby, and then part time while still working in another industry, led me to believe that many people just didn’t get the lingo, or understand the logic. While they were trying to get their computer fixed, learn how to use a program, or were even shopping for a new computer, they were lost.

I seem to have a unique ability to explain how these things work, and what their level of importance is, in easy to understand terms. It gave me cause to think about another industry, that has a similar problem with the masses, the law. There is an expression that characterizes this disconnect, and is commonly referred to as “lawyer-ez”. So I thought, “computer-ez”. And who would this language be for? Well, human beings! Hence, the name of our company, Computer-EZ, for Humans.

Give us a call, or send us an email. You’ll be glad you did.